Frequently Asked Questions


Please go through the following FAQs find answers to any of your query.

If your question/query is not listed, please feel free to contact us through e-mail on with a subject line 'Query'

  • Click on the ‘Register’  option on the website

    Select ‘I’m a candidate’ option

    Enter the username you want

    Enter your e-mail

    Enter the Specialism  eg. Front office, housekeeping etc.

    Enter your phone number which is active

    Click on ‘Create account’

    An e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address that you have registered with.

    This e-mail will have your username and system generated password.

    Use this username and password to login by clicking on sgin in option on the top right of the page.

    Once you are logged in , click on the ' Change password ' option on the left and enter your new password and save it.

    Once you change the password, login again using your new password

  • It is possible that the usernamethat you want is already taken. Please try another username.

  • Please check the e-mail that youhave registered your account with, any account related e-mails will be sent tothis e-mail address only.

    If the mail is not in the In Box,please check the spam and junk folders of your e-mail.

  • The candidate registration isabsolutely free, there are no charges to register and apply for a job on thissite.

  • Absolutely. Filling up detailslike your current position, current salary, expected salary,

    Education, experience etc. arevery important because the employers will first shortlist the candidates basedon their profile. Once this is done then the employer will download the CV ofthe selected candidate.

  • Yes. Your profile details willonly help the employer for short listing, they will still be downloading yourCV for their recruitment process. Updating the profile as well as the CV willimprove your chances of being shortlisted by the employer. 

  • Only registering on the site willnot get you a job. As a candidate, you will have to be active on the site andapply for the jobs posted by the employers, which will indicate that you areactively looking for a job . 

  • Please make sure that yourusername and password are correct and there are no spelling mistakes. Thepassword is case sensitive, so make sure that the caps lock is not on. If thisdoesn’t help , then click on the ‘forgot password ‘  link at the bottom of the sign in pop up. Youmust enter the e-mail address that you registered with us. After this an e-mailwill be sent to you with a system generated password. Use the new password tologin.

  • No. You don’t have to payanything to the employer/recruiter to get a job. Be suspicious about anyone whois asking for money to provide you a job in India or abroad. You can report anysuch activity to us on info@hotelandrestaurantjobs.inwith a subject line ‘suspicious activityby employer/recruiter’ .  Pleasemention the following details in the e-mail:

    Your name :

    Your phone number :

    Name of theperson/employer/recruiter who demanded money.

    Day / date of the incident.

    Any other relevant informationabout the incident.

  • The candidate has to complete his/her profile and upload the CV . Only after the completion of the profile the candidate will be able to apply for any job on the site.
  • Even though , applying for a job is free for candidate, they have to make sure that they have updated their profile in the candidate dashboard (education , skills, experience etc.) . Only the candidates who have completed their profile will be able to ally for any job on the site.

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