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Kamala Mills: A lesson…

Kamala Mills: A lesson to learn by hoteliers At end of the year 2017 another man made negligence tragedy followed, the recent fire at Kamla Mill compound, Mumbai at 1 Above and Mojo restaurant had shown the casual approach of the restaurant owners.   The irrecoverable loss of 14 lives and the pain of more then 50 injured , with  emotional turmoil of there keen cannot be measured in words.  The people in restaurant business should understand the seriousness of defaulting the fire safety norms.   The reason which has surfaced with the initial  probe is, it was due to the short circuit, but above that  it was also found there were no adequate amount of fire equipment’s to control the fire,  neither there were any rout mentioned for such emergencies ,  neither there were any signage’s for the emergency exit route,  due to this ,the people got trapped in the bathroom  rather than getting out of emergency door, most of the deaths occur due to choking. Well, The truth will definitely  reveled  once the enquiry is done by the officials.   It again shows how ill-prepared  the hospitality industry is for such emergencies,  we hardly see any drills or even trainings for the staff in such stand alone and chain of restaurants.  In today’s world, where technology is ruling and there are so many AI and digital equipments which..

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A Tribute To Krishna…

A Tribute To Krishna Arora   It was way back in 1994 , when I took admission in Hotel Management 4 year degree Course, 4 years B.Tech degree In Hotel Management was rarely available with any other university  with an exception  of  ‘Nagpur University” And  now Rashtriya Sant Tukdoji Maharaj University. It was the first food production theory class and my faculty informed us to buy  a book called “Theory Of Cookery” By Krishna Arora , and from that point onwards it has become an integral part of our profession. Well this Might be story for every one who has taken the formal education in Hotel And Catering Management. Theory of cookery has been so  popular among the students that it can be called as the Bible of food production. The language was simple enough to understand the terms of the gastronomy world, which were  very new to us ,  but there  after, year after year  Theory of cookery  by  Krishna Arora  was  part and  of  our carrier . The Demise of the iconic figure is a huge loss to the industry, and the gap  created can never ever be fulfilled.  Her contribution to the formal education of food production had been phenomenal, to add this she was the HOD at IHM  Pussa.New Delhi. She was presently settled in Australia and has been Indian Origin woman to figure in the..

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