Internship. A path to success for the HMCT Students


Internship. A path to success for the HMCT Students

The Internship or training is the integral part of the HMCT curriculum . The theory and practicals during the persuasion of  HMCT studies encounters the  reality of the industry . The entire perception  of the students  changes about the hotel once he/she goes through the first internship.  The Impact  of the internship  is so high  that it  makes him/her  decide whether  they  would love to go along and make carrier or to quit the Hotel industry. Some Who would not quit at that moment will  just wait and  completes the course and  look for some related avenues.

However the  Trainees can  prepare to absorb the experience by understanding  several keys aspects of training, Even before they  start their internship they should be well prepared, both mentally and physically .

SOP: The Curriculum taught in  institutions  gives the basic idea or the standardized  operating procedure, The  SOP  keep on changing  , with the situations  and type of service offered by the organization, so sometimes the trainees get caught in a dilemma , whether what they have learned in the institution is right or what they are observing  during their process of training is right . This specially happens usually in core operation departments. Its wise that the trainees  should adapt the new processes  as per the organization process keeping their basics  intact.

Cultural Shock: This  usually happens  during the first industrial training, and specially if the trainees are  from a small town or doing  internship abroad. The exposure of a star category  hotel itself is a cultural shock, the  lingo  used by the employees & guests  is a big jolt for him. Some time it creates miscommunication which may turn into disaster , so it’s always better to  take advise of the  seniors.Tthe gesture and the posture  also does matter, what is considered to be  good in your part of the country may  not be  acceptable where the hotel is located .Make sure to do some research about the place where you go for training or internship in terms of regional language & culture, areas of interest,local  food habits, political stability etc.

Pressure :  The hospitality industry demands a lot from its associates  as well as the  trainees , in terms of grooming, attitude, communication, so far and so forth.During the training periods the trainees have to be on their toes . In the formal class with the training manager  one has to keep his eyes and ears open , observation is very important if  you wish to acquire special skills,.  On the other hand  a trainee has to face the actual guest and nothing can be taken for granted since it’s not a practical session at the college.One  bad  incident may lead to  shatter his or her confidence and  can be a reason to quit the industry. The Trainees has to be physically very strong, as the working hours may stretch to longer than the  usual shift.  To Handle The Pressure of all this, a ten minute yoga practice prior to start of the day may help you a lot.

Discipline: To make your training really worth while, one has to be self discipline, you can’t take guest for ride  as they stays  with you.What had been promised must be deliver on time. The trainees need to understand that discipline doesn’t only mean punctuality, but also to make sure that  you don’t cross the thin line  between you and guest in any manner. Each Operational departments has its own dos and don’ts that need to be  followed  strictly. Make Sure you follow the SOP and the  rules taught during the Training Session.  As this discipline will only lead you to be a thorough professional.

Thus the internship  is the real eye opener for the interns, and if it is first one  then definitely  it  brings   lot  of changes in the personality.  Before going for internship choose the right hotel and department, make regular notes of the observations. There are always good and  bad observation you will make during the training period, but it all depends  on an individual how he  absorbs the good and leaves the bad.A good  training exposure will have a great impact  and will lead you to  be the future leader in the industry.
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